Lysaght History

Lysaght has over 160 years’ experience in developing, producing and marketing metal building systems. In its history, the milestones are:

1857:John Lysaght Company was established in England

1918:John Lysaght founded a manufacturing center in Australia, manufacturing Zinc coated steel coil and steel cladding systems

1979:LYSAGHT® joined BHP (Predecessor of BlueScope), and LYSAGHT® systems were supplied to projects in mainland China, such as Jia Shan Hotel in Guilin, Gusu Hotel in Suzhou

1991-1992:Lysaght set up sales offices in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing

1994: Lysaght set up a manufacturing base in Shanghai

2006: BlueScope set up a new coated coil plant in Suzhou, with total investment of AUD$280 million, and starting to supply high quality coated products to Lysaght

2013: Lysaght Xi’an manufacturing base, BlueScope Xi'an, China’s first Three-Star green plant was established

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