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As one of the key brands of BlueScope, Lysaght is one of the leading metal building system providers in the world. The company was formerly known as John Lysaght and was first established in 1857. Today, Lysaght has over 160 years experience in developing, producing and marketing metal building systems. It now has more than 60 manufacturing centers throughout Asia, Australia and North America.

The LYSAGHT® brand is associated with quality, innovative design, experience, service and integrity. Lysaght offers a complete design solution to the customer, and with its knowledge of building products, engineering, design and manufacturing, it is able to ensure our customers the best building solution possible. LYSAGHT® system unparalleled quality has built its worldwide reputation and is highly respected by the architects, engineers, constructors, governments and industry association.
In 1979, Lysaght started business in China. In 1994, Lysaght has established manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China. Lysaght delivers its customers inspired construction solutions and service through a nation-wide network of 20 sales and technical offices. In the past 40 years, LYSAGHT® metal building systems have been extensively used by nearly 6000 of construction projects throughout China. Well known Projects include Shanghai Center, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Conference Center, Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai Tesla Phase I, Huawei Research and Development Center, LOGOS Logistics and Zhejiang Ninghai Power Station.

Lysaght pays great attention to safety and environmental issues, our business in China is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited organization. All LYSAGHT® systems in China adopt LYSAGHT® global quality standards.
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