Residential Solutions

Lysaght residential solutions are suitable for villas, houses, resorts and independent building units such as clubs, real estate sales offices and 4S shops.

Features of Lysaght solutions:

Represent a unique Australian architectural style, and achieve harmonization and coexistence with community environments;

Replace concrete structures and be used in the civil buildings less than three floors;

Pollution-free construction, recyclable materials and environmental protection;

Light weight, quick installation and short construction period;

Safe and durable;

Excellent thermal insulation and moisture resistance.

Lysaght offers one-stop solutions including trusses, battens, metal roof/wall systems, fascia systems, gutters, downpipes, lightweight internal partition walls, external decoration , etc. Most of Lysaght solutions are made of ZINCALUME® M steel/Clean COLORBOND® M steel brand raw materials from BlueScope. Moreover, according to your requirements, an optimal solution can be provided to meet individual demands.

Shanghai ICP prepared No. 16054125
Shanghai ICP prepared No. 16054125